Walking in Memphis | Natalie+Chris Engagement | Memphis, TN Photographer

Here’s to friends and the internet!

Two years ago I shot my friend Stephanie and her hubs in Memphis (My FIRST trip there…EVER…was to shoot their engagement session) for their wedding. This fall I made only my 3rd trip to Memphis ever to capture the engagement images for Natalie & Chris.

I’ll make the trek at least two more times for her Bridal and then their Oct. 5th Wedding next Fall…and I’m STOKED! (Yes people still say that…well…at least I do! HA!)

It really is a cool town. I’m ever so thankful that Stephanie’s mom (a.k.a. “momma Rivalto”) dropped my name in the hat for their wedding photography pool, and even more that they chose me! This gal from a small town in Southeast Tennessee has a big love of travel, discovering new places, and meeting new people…especially ones who are as cool as cucumbers like Natalie and Chris.

Months of phone, text, and email correspondence culminated when I pulled in to for real one of the coolest parks on the planet! Shelby Farms Park is a GIANT old farm that they’ve preserved in to a park with just about anything you could want in a park. No really!

We met up at the horses, and just had a lot of fun feeding them (well…I shot, they fed).  I think the horses had a good time too, and might be just a little used to the camera. Haha!  It’s so fantastic when I meet people for the first time, and maybe it’s me, but it doesn’t feel awkward. Granted the talking we’d done via the internet and text probably helped, but I felt like I already knew Natalie, and Chris didn’t take any time all to warm up…or warm up to!

We shot around a small section of the park for a little while capturing images in the beauty that is Fall, and then headed downtown.  The ease of which these two love-birds adjusted in front of the camera was quick…and beautiful! I literally can.not.wait until their Wedding at Heartwood Hall next year! (We met up there the next day which is where I grabbed the ring shot, and I fell head over heels IN LOVE with that place!)

The Peabody Hotel at sunset is a MUST SEE…I learned that a couple of years ago when Stephanie and Matt took me up there! And it didn’t disappoint! We missed the duck walk (AGAIN!), and I was sad until we stepped out on the roof.

Being the old pro tour guide that I am (HA!) I took them to the back of the Duck Palace to show them where the ducks stay when they’re not performing. (For their privacy though I didn’t take their pictures….ok so I might’ve been so enthused at the sunset unfolding before me that I forgot…don’t judge me! Lol)

The weather was PERFECT, and as the sun had sank down behind the horizon the display of pinks, blues, orange, and yellows that emerged were nothing short of breathtaking. A picture perfect “Cotton Candy” sky! What better spot to soak it up!

We got to shooting…and it was pure magic! When we finally finished with the final images it was completely dark.  Being a believer that natural light is always best I only fired the flash for a couple of shots…the rest was all thanks to the roof top lights of The Peabody!

So, here’s to the internet, Memphis, Chris and Natalie…and Shelby Farms…and The Peabody! Who’s ready for the next round? *Raises hand*


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