Stephanie & Scott | Engaged: The Old Woolen Mill | Athens, TN Engagement

What’s not to love about these two sweethearts? She’s a sweet southern belle, and he’s the strong, silent type (at least he was that day 😉 )

The first time I spoke with Stephanie I knew I was in for a treat.  The details rolled forth about their southern charm affair…and I adore southern weddings!

I met her main squeeze the day of our session in Cleveland, TN at The Old Woolen Mill toward the end of Fall….truthfully I didn’t think we’d have any leaves to work with, but when I pulled in the lot I was pleasantly surprised…the leaves were ON.FIRE!

We’d tossed around ideas for their shoot, and a picnic seemed to stick, so they filled a picnic basket and box with their favorite picnic and snack goodies, threw down an old blanket, and the good times rolled.

Scott apparently has a romantic AND a creative side…so I discovered as I heard about his Cheez Whiz on Cracker writing skills.  He spells out I ❤ U frequently for his girl…and I think that’s too sweet!  Edible love letters…brilliant!

I also discovered they have a love of Grape cola, a favorite of mine as well, and pink Starburst. So, those of course made it into a few shots.

Once they’d eaten and just played around for a bit we set off to walk the grounds and shoot what would become “Part 1” as our light faded much faster than I anticipated.

I have to say it’s wonderful getting to capture the love of two people, and watching Steph+Scott, “Scooter” as she calls him, melted my heart.  Laughter is one of my favorite emotions to capture, and between these two there was no shortage.

So, thank you to the future Barbers for allowing me to document your love.  I honestly cannot wait until your wedding day…or for “Part 2” of your E-Session 😉

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