2012’s Best of My Best Image | Maternity: “Thoughts Aloft…” The Redux | Buck Bald, Tennessee

Ever see a sky so absolutely beautiful it makes you cry? I have…
Ever had an idea that turned out better than you expected…and then later you re-do it, and it’s even more amazing than the first? I have…
Ever captured an image than you didn’t know how powerful it would be until you saw it, finished, on your screen? I have…

May 2010 I shot a maternity image for some dear clients and friends after a brainstorm idea I had after rediscovering some very ooolllld fabric…but for a little girl, and thus pink that was used in the original.

A few months ago I was introduced to Buck Bald, and I knew then I’d have to re-create my masterpiece up there. Little did I know what God had in store.

We journeyed the almost hour drive on a gloomy day, and along the way we were seeing the most insane, amazing, breathtaking clouds….waves, dips, peaks, valleys, all in seamless and endless ripples and rows. (If you know me AT ALL you know how much I LOOOVE Clouds, so this had me almost as giddy as Snow!)

It started to sprinkle when we were almost there, but I urged them on….knowing somehow deep within that it’d be even better “up top”.

It started to pour as we crested the hill, then quickly slacked off. I hopped out to grab some pictures in the then lighter rain, and left the momma to be and my mother in the vehicle to keep warm…and dry!

After the rain picked up again my awe turned into the realization that my camera isn’t waterproof! Thus I headed back to the van to dry off and warm my red, freezing hands, and check the radar…it was rain all around. :/ And I prayed…again…for just even 10 minutes to get this view AND these clouds WITH my brainchild.

He heard my prayers….the rain soon left, the wicked cool clouds were still throwing down some ridiculousness, and the wind was just about right.

We literally hopped out of the van, climbed the stairs, and positioned just right with the wind. I didn’t get many “keepers” as one tail would fly and the other wouldn’t, or they’d both immediately flop, but this one…well…it was more than I could’ve hoped for!

So, here’s to the brave Gerri Le who went along with me on a COLD, windy, rainy, dreary day to let me re-create my own brand of “magic”, my mother, of course, who I couldn’t have done this without her help, but mostly to God…for the beautiful miracle of life…and for the insane beauty He gave that day to make THIS image possible….

And YES...the sky really did look this AMAZING!
And YES…the sky really did look this AMAZING!
Rock the Shot


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