Kocher Family | Little Rock, Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer

I’d never my awesome, red-headed, cousin-in-law Chiffon, and hadn’t seen my cousin Jason, a.k.a. “Little J” because my older brother was “Big J”, in about 10 years.

The Navy had Jason stationed in San Diego for a few years, and last October I was scheduled to fly out to finally meet my new cousin, and their 3 little boys!  Chiffon and I had been emailing, calling, and texting for a year or more about her new photography business she’d started (and she’s GREAT folks!! So all you Little Rock folks should hit her up!!) at her family’s, friend’s, and MY urging. I like to think of her as my protege 😉 haha!

God had another plan so it seems…a few days before I was scheduled to fly out is when “Livergate 2011” hit me out of nowhere. Thanks soooo much to a gall stone my liver and pancreas had shut.down…I was officially an “Oompah Loompah” from severe jaundice. MEGA SADNESS!  And while I was hospitalized my granny had the stroke that 21 days later officially took her life.  I’d never been west of Memphis at that point, and was SUPER stoked to go visit my Cali-cousins…and take their pictures…instead I was ill and my granny was gone. Not the fun filled 2 weeks I’d envisioned in sunny Cali-forn-ia!

Fast forward to Oct. 2012! They’d just been relocated for Jason’s job to the Airforce Base , and a year later almost exactly I FINALLY rolled in to Little Rock, Arkansas into the driveway of my long lost family! It was so weird pulling up….I’d never met 4 of the inhabitants of the house, hadn’t seen J in YEARS, but oddly enough 2 of the littlest dudes decided they liked me immediately! It was so funny because I felt like I’d known them for-ev-er!   Chiffon came home from picking up the eldest little dude, Peyton, and it was seriously like we’d known each other for years. Funny how God works all that out isn’t it?

I overtook wee man, Mason’s, room, and each morning I was there a different, sweet, little handsome face came in to wake me up. Mason was my buddy though…I wanted to cry when he didn’t want me to leave! Seriously 3 of the sweetest babies on the planet!!

One day we’d planned on me shooting their family pictures, and so Chiffon and I headed out to find her an outfit…and in the process got soooo much closer in the dressing room at Kohls 😉 BAHAHAHAHAHA! Good.times!

That evening we headed down in to the city of Little Rock near the Pedestrian Bridge by the Clinton Presidential Library and caught the sun just as it had went down. A seriously gorgeous skyline at sunset!  I’d officially been further west than Memphis…and I was LOVING it!

The next day was my last day so they chauffeured me around touring the many antique malls in the area, and a few houses that were for sale…one in particular that smelled to high heaven…from the outside…of cat urine….a smell that you DON’T want to ever smell that strongly…especially in the south! To say we had an adventure that day might be a *bit* of an understatement 😉 Muahahahahahaha!

I hated to leave, but I WILL be back! Love you all, and sorry it’s taken so long to get these posted…you know me…slower than Christmas!

XOXO, “Aunt B”


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