Meet Jones – Hospital Newborn Session – Athens, TN Photographer

Capturing Jones’ first Hospital Newborn images when he was literally just hours old at Athens Regional Medical Center was a special time indeed. To be invited in to people’s lives, at some of the most intimate times, is a priceless gift that everytime I’m bestowed the honor to do so it steals my breath.

I first met this amazing family when Jamen, now the big brother, was only 6 months old. I’ve been photographing these amazing friends and family ever since then, and each session I am a little more blessed getting closer to them and watching their now 2 sons and grand sons grow.

In December Gerri Le gave me one of the thrills of my photography career when she rolled with the punches to capture the redux of my masterpiece, my brainchild and one of my prize images…”Thoughts Aloft…Maternity Dreams”. It truly was a divine appointment…and here’s why!

Fast forward a couple of months, and there’s nothing quite like catching that first glimpse from a newborn as they stare back at you through newly opened eyes trying to figure out this brand new world. Capturing that moment when Jones first opened his eyes to me at only a mere 8hrs old and seeing him looking at “me” through my lens is a moment I will treasure forever. The natural light from the hospital windows lit up these sweet little baby blues so clearly and I was smitten.

He looks a lot like his older brother, and though it’s taken him a little to warm up to him, it’s clear he’ll be one amazing big bro. Watching those first moments when they were introduced, and Jamen studied this new tiny creature that everyone was oo-ing and aah-ing over were priceless as well. You can’t help but wonder what’s going through their little minds….both of them!

The stretches, the faces, the mouth movements… those first moments outside the warm, cramped, safe place they’ve been the past 9 months are amazing to witness. Jones certainly had an abundance of facial expressions to make, and every single one of them were to.die.for.

Jones’ had a cousin be born just a few hours after he was, sweet Willow is his cousin Montana’s little darling, so as she was being rolled to their room by the BEAMING new grandmother, Stephanie, I caught a glimpse of her beautiful face. Before I left I had to grab a few images of these 2 new cousins together for the first time….absolutely adorable!

So, thank you Jeff, Gerri Le, Jamen, Debbie, & Roger for repeatedly asking me in to your lives. You’re a blessing in more ways than you may know!

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