Whitestone Country Inn Bridal Fair – Knoxville, TN Wedding Venue

A Vintage Theme Bridal Fair.

I first had the privilege of shooting an elopement at Whitestone Country Inn a few years ago for the elopement of Sarah & Ben.  I fell in LOVE with the place immediately.

I was a vendor at the 2012 Bridal Fair last year, and was excited to be a part of this year’s event.  Every moment I get to shoot anything in this photographer’s dream of a venue is a breathtaking experience.

Last Summer I was in my best friend Leah’s wedding there, but had to, of course, snap a few images myself.  As on her wedding, and Sarah & Ben’s elopement, the sky out there is simply MARVELOUS over the water…the day of the Bridal Fair was no exception.   Truly a wedding wonderland!

Grabbing a few minutes here and there to steal away from my table and shoot was a priority, right there with meeting all of the Brides to be.  It’s always fun getting to “talk shop” with other wedding industry pros…and seeing (and shooting) their goodies is a perk too.

I was saddened I never made it around to visit all of them…but Brides do come first you know! Meeting and talking with Brides is something that I cannot ever get enough of.  There’s a happiness and a spirit they exude that’s a mood boosting force unlike any other.

So, here’s a few of the images I was able to capture in the middle of all the Bridal Fair fun.  The vendor list of those shown is listed at the bottom. Check out their sites, or shoot them an email, and tell them that I sent ya!

The Vintage Themed Décor had me at HELLO!  I still want that bike! Ugh!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0001.jpg
Vintage Details….BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0047.jpg
Again…LOVING that Bike!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0002.jpg
Vintage Inspiration is RIGHT! Gorgeous!!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0003.jpg
Always in Bloom had some floral beauties!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0004.jpg
Another Always in Bloom beauty on the left, and Chandelier for rent from Whitestone!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0005.jpg
Mens Warehouse reppin’ the dudes in style, and The Bakery KILLED it on that cake! GORGEOUS! P.S. that table cloth…I want! White Table Rentals can hook you up!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0019.jpg
More delectable cakes from Dawn at The Bakery of Athens… Just beautiful!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0020.jpg
YUMMMM…Dale’s Fried Pies…so cute I ALMOST didn’t want to eat it…almost 😉BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0007.jpg
Whitestone Staff had us raid Photobooth props for the Harlem Shake…FLASHBACKSBraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0008.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0009.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0010.jpg
More beauties from Vintage Creations!  Seriously…I die!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0011.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0012.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0013.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0014.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0015.jpg
Beautiful Vintage Theme Décor on the left and Sweet Favor Treats from Mandy’s Candys on the right!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0016.jpg
BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0017.jpg
Seriously though…You NEED Cinematography too! And these guys ROCK!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0018.jpg
Cakes by Gail’s Custom CakesBraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0006.jpg
Hey what can I say…I’m southern…and I loooove Bow Ties! Just wear em!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0021.jpg
Ohhhh Lisa Foster Floral…you had some gorgeous floral eye candy! BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0022.jpg
More from Lisa Foster Floral on left, and a pretty pretty Cake from Rosa’s Catering right!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0023.jpg
PHOTOBOOTH!  Get.One! Memories in A Flash left, and DELICIOUS Mock Champagne from Susan Colvin Bartending!  BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0024.jpg
I’ve never been soooo tempted to take one of each in my life! For real…aren’t these TO.DIE.FOR!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0025.jpg
The folks from All That Glitters have the hook up on Brooch Bouquets and gifts!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0026.jpg
Just because Purple is my favorite color….DANG!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0027.jpg
Ok, time to get serious party people…Macaroons….RIDIC! The purple ones…well…I wanted a million just for myself! GET.SOME. Your guests will thank you! Sugarbuzz Bakers…I love em’ all! Will work for macaroons!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0028.jpg
The Pink Bride was representin’, and so was Brooke for the Whitestone Salon…FYI…Brooke.is.AMAZING!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0029.jpg
Townecraft…seriously good cookware…my mom and I use still use hers…she bought in the 70’s! Start your newlywed kitchen off with cookware that will last!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0030.jpg
Origami Owl by Tracy Flanagan-Givens…soooo cute…it’s a Hoot! 😉BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0031.jpg
Make-up, Facial Care, Skin care treats for your body from Arbonne with Heide LittonBraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0032.jpg
Deb’s Special Events…Wine tasting and Bartending!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0033.jpg
Gibson Girls had another beautiful, and yummy, display this year.BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0034.jpg
Oran’s Flower shop nailed it on these, and a lot of other, display arrangements around the show!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0035.jpg
I ADORE these bows and the simplicity of the natural vibe these give off!!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0036.jpg
PEEP S’mores from the Thirty One gals on left, and some great DJ’s at right…MP Entertainment.BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0037.jpg
KJ’s Cooies…you kill me! Those owls….and the beach cookies! Yummmmmm!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0038.jpg
KJ’s cookies can also do picture cookies as favors…delicious and awesome! Your guests will be torn to eat or not to eat 😉BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0039.jpg
Annnnnnd MY table!  Big ups to Music in Motion for “Blue-ing” out the room…Brides…now hear this…you NEED cool lighting! Do.IT!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0040.jpg
OK. Stop.the.presses.  I’d never heard of this fella here, Samuel Franklin Floral, but I talked with him most of the day, and ya’ll know me…I’m UBER picky about floral décor…this fella is the biz! In love with his work and attitude!  And FYI…those candles…FAKE! Rent.them…forget fire danger…the “flames” move like the real deal! I.DIE….again!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0041.jpg
Close up of the candles for rent or sale from Samuel Franklin Floral at left, and at right…one of my all time FAVORITE sites for a wedding! Those clouds! UGH!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0042.jpg
More pretties from White Table for the linens on the left, and Vintage Creations with a “SWEET” dessert table setup on the right! LOVE.VINTAGE!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0043.jpg
Ok…I must know who arranged this arrangement!  The card must’ve blown off the table, but I love it and want to give credit where credit is due! Centerpiece inspiration.BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0044.jpg
SIMPLY.STUNNING! Love.BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0045.jpg
How about this little setup for a gift “table” area? Gorgeous! Vintage Creations…my new crush!BraskaJennea Photography - Whitestone Bridal Fair_0046.jpg

In no particular order here are the links for the vendors I was able to grab images of:

BraskaJennea Photography

Whitestone Country Inn & The Salon at Whitestone

Samuel Franklin Floral & Home Décor

Vintage Creations Rentals

White Table Rentals & Linen

The Pink Bride

Men’s Wearhouse

Nicholas & Keaton Cinematography

Oran’s Flower Shop

Thirty-One Gifts by Tonia Johnson

Origami Owl by Tracy Flanagan-Givens

All That Glitters

Memories in a Flash Photobooth

MP Entertainment

Lisa Foster Floral Designs

Arbonne by Heide Litton

The Bakery

Townecraft Cookware

Dale’s Fried Pies

Sugarbuzz Bakers

KJ’s Cookies

Music in Motion

Gibson Girls Cakes

Susan Colvin Bartending

Mandy’s Candies

Rosa’s Catering and Cakes

Always in Bloom Florals

Deb’s Special Events

Gail’s Custom Cakes

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