Wedding Planning 101 | Advice for the Bride to Be | Part 1

Weddings are my JAM! I thrive on the high intensity and pressure of it all.  I used to plan them, and do floral design…wayyyy back in the days of working a “normal” job as a bank manager.  Sure, I always had my point and shoot camera in hand to take my own snap shots of my work, but actually photographing them came almost a decade later.

To this day my wedding planner days have shaped my OCD Wedding Day drive. Trust me…I’ve torn apart and rebuilt corsages, centerpieces, even bridal bouquets, stepped in to direct when the coordinator (usually a family friend and not paid pro) looked like they wanted to crawl in a hole, whipped up a bridesmaids hair do when we were an hour behind starting pictures and the stylist still wasn’t done with the other maid’s hair, given my iphone to the DJ to play the couple’s first dance song as they nor the planner had it, even taught line dances with 20lbs of gear strapped to me…you name it I’ve probably done it!  I LOVE IT ALLLLL!

No wedding day is ever going to be perfect, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  I treat them like they’re MY day…and the good Lord knows I already feel sorry for the people who I choose to help me tackle my own should that day arise! 😉 Hahaha!!  As close to perfect as it can get is the goal!

I’ve posted a series of wedding planning tips a few years back, and you can see those here, here, here, and here, as well as the most recent on what to ask your potential photographers here, but for now I’ll be posting a few new tidbits to individually focus on and expound upon them.

First up is a little diddy I thought of recently that I’d forgotten about…and if you think you’re getting hit with questions now…!  Wedding day will be 100x worse! Today’s advice will hopefully help alleviate some of, if not all, that extra stress.

On W-Day change.your.voicemail! Make your (and have your fella do it to his too) message direct people to your planner or coordinator (and/or moms/MOH/BM, etc…) Whoever you have put in charge of organizing, giving directions, placements, and so on let them know that they’ll be receiving these calls, and make sure they’re prepared to answer the questions.  Either turn your phone off, or give it to someone else. You don’t want nor need that extra stress from the cake decorator who’s lost, or the cousin that’s running late!  You’re getting MARRIED!!!! Whoooo!

Here’s a little sample script to get you started:

“IT’S OUR WEDDING DAY!!!! Thank you SO much for calling and caring enough to call, but we will not be returning calls or texts today as we’re busy GETTING MARRIED!! (Insert very high pitched happy tone on that last part ;0) ) You can reach our Coordinator _______________ by calling or via text at her cell 123-456-7899 with any questions, issues, or for directions. LOVE YOU, and hope to see you soon!”

Of course for you fellas you can nix the high pitched overtly happy tones….unless you’re just awesome like that! Hahaha

Keep it upbeat, not snarky or rude, and breathe a little easier as the person you’re paying to coordinate handles those last minute calls or hiccups! That’s what they’re there for…to help you, and to make sure your day goes off as smoothly as possible! Just make sure they’re aware you’ll be giving out their cell # for this purpose!

Happy Wedding Planning ya’ll!

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