When to Book Wedding Photographer – Wedding Planning 101

I used to get asked , and still do, when I planned weddings “When should I book my photographer?”  The answer is “Right after you book your venue!” which typically is a minimum of 6 months out for non-peak seasons (Winter and Early Spring), and at least a year for peak seasons…as most popular venues can have wait lists of 1-2 years out!

BraskaJennea Photography - Wilson Bridal- Athens, TN Wedding Photographer

You may ask “Why so early?” well, honestly, because if they’re worth their salt then they’re going to be SUPER busy/booked during Wedding Season…just like your venue.

Which, for those not in the know, peak Wedding season used to run mostly from mid-May to mid-August, but now you can pretty much extend that straight on to the end of October as Fall has QUICKLY boomed as a perfect Wedding weather season.

Plus, we have to plan our lives around your wedding…we can’t do that unless you book us…so the more notice we have that you want us, the better your chances are to get us before we schedule something else on your date…vacation, girls retreat, workshop, conference, birthday, etc…hey, we have lives too 😉

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Bottom line: Your fella wanted to have you for his, and his alone, so he put a ring on it, you better put a “ring” (deposit and contract) on your favorite vendors before they slip away to another Bride who’s dying to make them hers!  Just make sure you do your research ya’ll so that your expectations are met, and Happy Wedding Planning!

BraskaJennea Photography - Stewart Bridal - Knoxville, TN Wedding Photographer-1

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