Back to Cool Studio Bash – Cool “School” Pictures – Athens, TN Child Photographer

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time in Tennessee!  You know what that means….time to get pictures of the kiddos made in their new school do, and their new school duds!  Plus you could win a 16×20 Professional Canvas Gallery Wrap!  Don’t have school aged children yet? Well as long as they can sit up on their own they’re welcome to come too!

Why “Back to Cool”?  Because my school pictures were not cool…they were TRAUMA!

When I was in school there was only one day I dreaded more than the most dreaded day, the FIRST day, and that was PICTURE DAY! I still shudder to think about it!

Part of what drives me in my photography business of photographing children and teens is thinking back to how awful my photos always were…and how I felt afterward.

I was always one of the tallest kids (and it was 2 or 3 of us girls who were tallest until boys hit puberty about 9th grade), and muscular even for a young child.  I mean when you’re 12 and have such large, defined thigh and calf muscles (twice the size of your 24 year old brother’s) that you’re getting recruited for sports teams 3 grades older, then you’d think you should thank genetics (which I do now because they’ve stuck around), but at 12 it wasn’t so cool…it was down right mean!

The poses were bad for my frame, the lighting was harsh, my hair ALWAYS fell and was disheveled loooong before it was my turn, and the angles…ohhh don’t get me started on the angles!  Picture day was traumatic…to say the least…and THEN we’d get the pictures in the mail a few weeks later…

I remember one specific time I thought I was looking cute, and my hair was decent by the time it was my turn, annnnd then the actual picture came in.  I was devastated! Yet ANOTHER school picture that we only kept the tiny, stamped, proof copy of! (Because 1) they were way too expensive, & who wanted expensive reminders of how horrible you felt about yourself, and 2) back then you only had pictures made at school, and there had to be a picture of your kid from that year in some form.)  Nevermind the fact that if you had a breakout, or the lighting made your teeth look yellow…you were stuck with that horrid reminder, as I am from a few of those proof only years.

Fast forward to now. I make it my mission to NEVER have a child feel ugly…I want to boost their self-esteem! Therefore it’s ALL about posing them, angling them, styling them, etc… to make sure they FEEL as beautiful or as handsome as they ARE!  It’s an art form that takes time to not only train, but to execute…time I don’t think mass photo days would have time to execute for each individual child’s body need in that 1-2 minutes they might have.  And heaven help em if they have a break out, or their teenage skin betrays them the day of…I’ve got them covered in Photoshop because I’m a retouching NINJA!

SO now that the studio is ALMOST finished I want to give kiddos the chance to have what I never had…a “School Photo” they can be proud of!  August 10th and 11th I’ll be doing “Back to Cool Super Minis”!!!

These will be 10 minute sessions for up to 2 kids, and 15 minute sessions for 3 kids (more kiddos can be added for $15ea.).  Have some young ones not in school yet?  Bring em’ on and get their picture made too as well as an image or two with their older sibling(s)!

Sessions will include professional prints of your choosing so that how you see the image in your gallery and online will be how you see the image hanging in your home, or in your wallets! Plus you’ll get to choose your favorite 2 or 3 digital negatives, depending on option chosen. (Digital Negatives are the fully retouched and edited “finished” images that you can choose to download from your child’s gallery once they’re uploaded, or can be burned to a CD!)  See the flyer below for pricing and what’s included in each option!

The backgrounds will be simple, either white, beige, or a solid teal color, and there won’t be props unless it’s something you want them photographed with, that you bring, like their backpack, notebook, sports equipment, etc…

I want these sessions to focus on their sweet faces.  I want to capture those eyes that captivate you when they look at you, that sweet smile, or that wrinkle in their nose when they laugh!  Sometimes less is more, and plus there’ll be plenty more “prop” sessions coming up as the holidays approach 😉

Here’s what we’ll have going on that day:

We’ll have light snacks and drinks, as well as a few booths featuring local vendors setup for parents to do some last minute back to school shopping while they wait! 

Melissa Coffey with Mary Kay will be there for appointments after 1pm on Saturday who’d like a quick Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips makeover for the 13 year old girls and up. (These mini-makeovers will only be $10, but you’ll need to arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment time)

Everyone family that comes will be entered to win the 16×20 Professional Gallery Wrap!  The winner will be drawn from the bowl at the end of the last session on Sunday, and announced via Facebook on Monday. Winner will also be alerted by phone call and text message about claiming their prize.

Once images are live in your gallery you’ll be given a 24 hour promo code to take 50% off your print or extra digital negative orders!!! Plus you can send friends and family their own code to order at 25% off for 24 hrs…you know…so you don’t get stuck with the bill! 😉 

You don’t want to miss this first ever “Back to Cool” BraskaJennea Studio Bash so email to reserve your appointment ASAP!

BJP Back to Cool 2013

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