Let’s Talk Internship! – BraskaJennea Seeks Social Media Intern

Are you looking for real world training and education in the Professional Photography industry, or just needing to build your resume?

Savvy in the areas of all things Social Media?  Proficient in proper grammar, and tasteful, classy, language? (i.e. You know the difference in your, you’re, there, their, and they’re, and know that profanity really has no place in civilized business and society)  Then this is the internship for you!


The best part is you can pretty much work from your home, on your own time. WHAT!? Yes, you read that right!

Now yes internships are typically unpaid “work for experience” jobs, but you’ll have opportunities to earn a little commission on the side! (More on that later!)

Still interested? Know your way around Twitter, Facebook Business Pages, Pinterest, Blogging, Instagram, etc…?  Then let me help you with sharing invaluable info it’s taken me YEARS to learn…during this 6 month intern program.

This isn’t something for the lazy, a quitter, or the non-self motivated as there’ll be expectations of certain numbers of tasks to be made on a daily basis.  Serious, self-motivated applicants only, Please.

You’ll need to email me from here, with your Full Legal Name, Mailing Address as listed on your driver’s license, Cell number, current schedule of availability, and a brief paragraph detailing why you want this internship! 

Let’s get this party started ya’ll! I’ll be accepting applications now through the next few weeks.  So, get yours in because I’m aiming to fill this position by Thanksgiving!


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