100 in March Birthday Challenge – Putting Your BEST Face Forward!

“Go big or go home” are pretty much some of the words I try to live by, and this INSANE Birthday Month Challenge is JUST that!  BIG.  Scary.  AWESOME! Read on to find out just how truly crazy I am about Headshots…and just in general 😎

Did you know that your Profile, Website, Resume, or Headshot Image is speaking VOLUMES for the people who are looking for you?  That “candid”  real life images tell a story that either attracts or repels people to you? IMG_5548

Whether it’s for a job, a potential spouse, potential clients, or simply for your old friends (or “frienimies” 😉 ) looking you up on Social Media, their first point of interaction with “you” is either drawing them in, or, more than likely, pushing them away.

What Is YOUR Profile Image “Saying” About You?IMG_5690

There’s a whole science to the art of the “Headshot”, or “Profile Portrait” as I call it, and everything from what you wear, to your body posture, facial expressions, even right down to light in your eyes is “talking” about you.

That lone first image is communicating to everyone who sees it if they can trust you, if you’re worth their time and money for their business, or if you’re someone they’d like to go on a date with.IMG_5724

I know first hand that too many people in every field, in every medium and platform, especially in the world of Online Dating, are communicating the WRONG message…immediately sending people running (or swiping) them away.

SO, in honor of my FAVORITE Month of the year (because it houses my BIRTHDAY ya’ll!) it’s my Birthday Goal to help stop the poor profile portrait madness by shooting at least 100, yessss 100!!!, Profile Portraits by March 31st!


Now, for those of you, especially men, who HATE having your portrait taken have no fear as these sessions will be as short as 10 minutes, and no longer than 20.  Short, Quick, Painless, and FUN…because they’re with me! 😉

What’s Included: My expertise in Curvy Posing, Angling, and Lighting beautiful bodies of ALL shapes and sizes.  Wardrobe Coaching of course is included, because what you wear is important for the “message” you want to convey.  Direction during the session, because I know most people are not models. 😉  Light facial and skin retouching as needed, because wrinkles and laugh lines are a part of who we are in real life they’re never fully removed. Also, a Marketing Release as well as the traditional Print Release so you can utilize the images for your business, and not just personal printing and use.


Book yourself and gather some friends, or schedule your team or office sessions back to back, and add a Group Image for even more fun!

So, contact me NOW to book these Limited Edition Promotional Challenge Sessions, starting at only $100 and good for 6 Months, to help yourself start attracting the kind of attention you want from your clients, employers, dates, and more…and help me CRUSH this awesome Birthday Celebration Challenge!

Let’s get this party started, and put YOUR best face forward!




2 thoughts on “100 in March Birthday Challenge – Putting Your BEST Face Forward!

    1. Thank you Jill!!!😊😊😊 I suffered through decades of portraits that simply destroyed my self-esteem, and I use those sessions as my motivation for making sure no one ever feels that way in front of my camera❤️ Plus…portrait sessions should be FUN! 😉


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