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Praise God for this gift of photography…it caught me in it’s web, and hasn’t let go. 

Getting to know “B “….

The name really is Braska (Braska- pronounced like Nebraska (the state) but without the NE) and Jennea is really my middle name. (Jennea- pronounced Juh-knee-uh).  No, never even been to Nebraska, our whole family is from Tennessee, and both are family names. Just because I KNOW you’re curious 🙂  

My people call me “B”, you can too.  “Queen B” if you’re feeling formal 😉 

Cooler than the flip side of your pillow, I am a former Wedding Planner, now part time Floral Designer, but most passionately a Professional Photographer for the last 5 years.  A camera in my hand, and weddings in my bones, it was inevitable God would finally call me to this…albeit the road getting to my destination could’ve been faster Ha! All in His perfect time. 

I somehow feel like this is a dating profile site where I spill about my life.  Single, never married, no children, just waiting on that God’s perfect timing thing still. 😉  If you have any single, tall, stocky, Jesus loving fellas in your circle hook a sister up! Ha!  No really 😉 

I live to love on people like Jesus, adore all things wedding, floral, photography, and anything craft related. Christmas, SNOW, dancing, writing, mentoring young women, encouraging others, pedicures, wine with my girls, and laughing until I cry are the beat to my heart. 

When I was 13 I got my 1st Mickey Mouse 35mm film camera, way back in 1995, for Christmas. I burned through more film than I care to count.  The love of photography was born. 

I love words, grammar (though ocassionally I’ll make an error, whoops!), and painting visual portraits through stories. Thus why Blogging about my client’s is so close to my heart. You’re welcome. 

Just so you’re aware I use wayyyy too many !!!!!, and …….  I also smile….A LOT, soooo I hope you’re down with Emoji overload Ha! 

I live for images of people laughing, and I’ll do my best to make you laugh when you are trying to cry.

A cabin in the mountains while it’s snowing is my ideal getaway, and mean spirited people have no significant place in my life…other than my prayer list 😉  

Homeless people make me cry, I’d house every stray I find if I could, I live for pedicures, and road trips to nowhere, with Connie the Canon riding shotgun, are how I clear my head. (Yes, my camera’s name is Connie. Don’t judge me!)


Business Talk:  

I am a professional lifestyle photographer based out of Southeastern & Middle Tennessee.  My studio is in Historic Downtown in my hometown’s neighbor “big city” of Athens, TN, but travel and destination weddings are also available.

Primarily I shoot Weddings, Engagements, and Boudoir, but also have a heart when time permits for Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborns, and creating stunning Professional Headshots.  

My style is a mix of classic and modern with a photojournalistic approach to capturing every moment of your life. I aim to make people feel at ease in front of my lens as only when people are comfortable, and in an environment they feel they can be themselves, do you actually get to capture THEM! “Extraordinary | Real | LIFE!” isn’t just a slogan…it’s my styyyyyle! 

You should note I’m not a cheap “Shoot and Burn” photographer.  BraskaJennea Photography is dedicated to investing in our clients, providing professional heirloom, archival, prints and products to be passed down for generations to come. Digital Negatives are available, but our heart is getting those memories off of files, and onto walls! 

From our first consult, to choosing locations and wardrobe, right down to your post session reveal and order appointment everything is designed around passing on your legacy…in print! 

I want the portraits I capture of your life to have the same affect as the photos you ooooh and aaah over now from your family’s past long after you’re gone.  When you’re gone, and your grandchildren want to look at pictures of your life, how will they do that?  Those picture boxes and albums we pass around now during the Holidays….those are my goal….to leave your legacy in a tangible way! 

Education on the side…

I grew up wanting to teach, little did I know I eventually would…photography.  If people are going to take their own pictures, or of others, I’d prefer they not murder them.  I can help them, or you, avoid committing photographic murder.

To inquire about a “Click It, MOM!” Workshop, Photographer’s workshops, mentorships, or coaching sessions head over to the blog for details here.

To have me capture your marvelous milestones hit that Contact button up top, and let’s get this party started capturing your today for tomorrow!




7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow. How random. I saw your blog when I was posting some stuff of my own. Your photos are lovely!

    And oddly enough, I grew up in Athens. ;D


  2. I loved your blog so much. I read about you also and found you as an amazing and creative person to meet. you posted amazing pictures also that were the soul of your this blog.Thank you so much…………..


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