Southern Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast Featuring Professional Chef – The Victoria House feat. Chef Debo – BraskaJennea Photography

The Best Southern Fare from A Charming Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast in the Chattanooga & Knoxville area!

Maybe, Just Maybe, You’re Not Meant To Be A Photographer (or _____)

What I am about to say will probably ruffle feathers, I can almost guarantee it, BUT I hope you'll feel this through to the end.  See where my heart is, and why I say maybe you're not meant to be a photographer...or whatever it is you're struggling to make a go of. Here's the deal … Continue reading Maybe, Just Maybe, You’re Not Meant To Be A Photographer (or _____)

Happy 32! – To The Death of Comparison!

Ohhhh comparison.  You thief of joy.  You mocker of milestones.  You berater of success. I almost let you get to me....almost! Today I turned 32. Happy Birthday TO ME!!!  🙂 I'm not one of "those women" who hide their age.  Like a fine wine we only get better with time, so like a nice "vintage" … Continue reading Happy 32! – To The Death of Comparison!

Good-bye 2014! Hello New Year!

It's exciting reliving where all I've been this year, and the breathtaking sites God has let me witness...and capture. The people He's let me meet, the lessons He's taught me, the promises He's made me, the loves and lives I've been chosen to photograph to capture small parts of their Legacies. I'm so beyond thankful … Continue reading Good-bye 2014! Hello New Year!

A Lesson Learned & A Memory Found!

Tonight as I sat here editing, and as usual being my own worst critic, and wishing I would've been a snap faster, or wouldn't have bobbled a bit & caused a smidge of a blur (that only I probably would notice); A little voice told me to go through my iPhone photos....and I saw an … Continue reading A Lesson Learned & A Memory Found!