Marsheena + Bruce = L.O.V.E.

I've known Marsheena for-ev-er!  She's such a beautiful young woman and a ball of energy and motivation!  I love her comments and encouragement on my work, and truth be told this Blog right here wouldn't be in that great of shape if she and Bruce hadn't helped me figure it out and organize it!!   She … Continue reading Marsheena + Bruce = L.O.V.E.

Boudoir Sessions: Be your hunny’s Bunny….Classy & Tasteful!

I LOVE these sessions!  It's fun being a girl....make-up, hair, clothes, jewelry!  So, getting glammed up and scantily clad for your husband, well, what could be more fun?  Here's a few tastefully seductive shots from a recent session!  Who said Boudoir had to mean trashy?  Not when I'm the one doing the posing and shooting...not. … Continue reading Boudoir Sessions: Be your hunny’s Bunny….Classy & Tasteful!

A “Different” Valentine’s Gift for your hubby!

He works hard, he mows the grass, takes out the trash, runs errands when you need him to (or most of the time anyways ;-)...he's the father of your children, and your best friend...he's your Husband! I've always heard my married girlfriends say "I just don't know what to get him for Valentine's Day!"  A … Continue reading A “Different” Valentine’s Gift for your hubby!