Wicked in Red!

I'd been asked the question by a friend sometime last year what I thought of colored wedding dresses.  My reply was something like "whatever floats your boat....as long as it's pretty and not trashy, tacky, or otherwise horrideous!" I had been skeeming in my mind of a shoot for a pretty Winter day, and  was … Continue reading Wicked in Red!

Boudoir Sessions: Be your hunny’s Bunny….Classy & Tasteful!

I LOVE these sessions!  It's fun being a girl....make-up, hair, clothes, jewelry!  So, getting glammed up and scantily clad for your husband, well, what could be more fun?  Here's a few tastefully seductive shots from a recent session!  Who said Boudoir had to mean trashy?  Not when I'm the one doing the posing and shooting...not. … Continue reading Boudoir Sessions: Be your hunny’s Bunny….Classy & Tasteful!

A “Different” Valentine’s Gift for your hubby!

He works hard, he mows the grass, takes out the trash, runs errands when you need him to (or most of the time anyways ;-)...he's the father of your children, and your best friend...he's your Husband! I've always heard my married girlfriends say "I just don't know what to get him for Valentine's Day!"  A … Continue reading A “Different” Valentine’s Gift for your hubby!