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Workshops!  Everyone’s doing them right?  They’re all the same right?  Ummmm No!  Pump your brakes on that train of thought. Let me give you some free education…before I ask you to pay for it 😉  If you think you’re about to take this enormous leap into capturing people’s lives and “earn a quick buck”, you can leave now.   Trust me this is NOT the place you want to invest your time 😉 Best wishes though!

If you’re serious about growing a meaningful photography business so you can document lives in a professional, timeless way not only you, but your clients, will be proud of in 2 years or 50, then by all means, read on….

First you should know I am a large believer in the power of hugs, and lots of laughter.  I can deliver people the harshest news, but in the sweetest way possible.  It’s a gift, really!  So, I’ll hug you, just get over that…like…NOW!

Next the BJP approach to Workshops and Coaching is a little different than what you might be used to.  You’re not paying me to tell you what you want to hear, that’s what friends are for ;), you’re paying me to GROW your photography abilities.

That being said I’m a lotta sugar, a little spice, always nice, but ya’ll the truth sometimes hurts, and I’m all about the truth…even if it’s coated in honey, but stings like a bee going down! 😉  It’s only to make you better…I promise!

That’s my approach to Coaching and Workshops.  Not everyone is gifted the gift of a photographic eye.  Not everyone can be Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lik, Jeremy Cowart, Ansel Adams, etc…

Just because you can afford a “cool” or “nice” camera does not a photographer make.  Just like owning Paula’s kitchen, or Emeril’s cookware won’t make you a chef, a camera is only a tool…and a very small part of actual photography.

My job isn’t to coddle you, but to mold you into the photographer you either are, or aren’t.  Time and diligence will tell if this really is your heart’s desire, or a hobby you just love dearly. There is a difference 😉

Ever thought “Why does photography have to be so HARD?”  Truth is anything as passion driven as Photography won’t ever be easy.  6 years of photography full-time, and 18 years with a camera in my hand has taught me so much…mostly that there’s still always something that we need to learn, and the day we think we have it mastered we need to hang up our cameras.

I’m asked photography related questions all the time, I LOVE teaching others and growing people in their passions, honestly I love teaching so much that if I could spank children like in the good ole’ days I probably would’ve been an English teacher, but my true calling in life is to document the lovely lives of God’s beloved children.  To capture His glory today for tomorrow brings me absolute joy.  If you’re reading this saying “ME TOO!”  then I’d love to talk with you more!

I refuse to be the Joel Osteen of Photography mentors…you know…where everyone is getting to Heaven (can be a photographer), and life is all about dreaming and achiving what you dream as long as you smile and laugh…No.  Life isn’t like that 😉  Life is hard.  Photography is hard. As it should be!

These are memories.  People’s legacies we’re working with…most are moments they can’t get back (especially Weddings!!!) so if you’re not into investing in being the absolute BEST photographer you can be then don’t expect them to invest in you.

There’s nothing “quick” about photography, but when you do it right, when you know your camera and settings to the letter, there’s this sense of accomplishment that you just cannot match.  That first image you nail in the WORST lighting you’ve had nightmares about will be one you remember

Let me teach you how!  There are tons of killer business coaches out there, I’m not here for that.  Teaching you how to capture client’s memories to the absolute best of your, and your camera’s, ability is why I’m here.  Put me to work for YOU, and contact me now.

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